Cognitant Group, the Oxford based healthtech company whose mission is to empower
patients with clear, reliable health information, has won the prestigious award for best patient
programme at the PM Digital Awards for a programme that was funded by Bayer plc and
developed as a collaborative partnership between Bayer plc & Cognitant.

This award ceremony, run by the Pharmaceutical Marketing Society, is well recognised by
the industry for showcasing companies that offer exceptional digital communication solutions
that are truly effective and innovative.

The Patient Programme category of the awards ceremony focuses on projects that are
educational, practical, offer patient support around a specific product or therapy, disease
awareness, post prescription support and adherence. Cognitant’s patient counselling tool for
Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC), which the company developed for the
pharmaceutical company, Bayer, was a clear winner, meeting all of these winning criteria.
Recognising the challenges of misinformation online and limited consultation time, the LARC
patient counselling tool aims to empower women with a clearer understanding of their
contraception choices. The interactive, avatar-led educational tool, accessible via the
Healthinote app, provides easy to understand and trusted information.

The Healthinote app, which can be integrated into virtual consultation tools and currently
reaches 3,000 clinics and 26.5 million patients, allows doctors to prescribe information, such
as the LARC programme, to patients via email or text. Patients can view the content in their
own time via smartphones, tablets or VR headsets.

Dr Juhi Tandon, GP and co-founder of Cognitant said: “Having been a GP and LARC fitter
for over a decade, I am so pleased we have been able to co-create an engaging LARC
digital counselling tool with patients. I genuinely feel this tool will not only empower women to make an informed decision about their contraception
but will help clinicians save time during consultations whether face to face or remotely.”


Looking to empower people with health information for better patient outcomes?

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