Our story

Founded in Oxford, UK, in 2018, Cognitant is the brainchild of four experienced healthcare professionals: Chief Technology Officer Rick Knowles, Clinical Director Dr Juhi Tandon, Chief Operating Officer Daisy Allington, and Chief Executive Officer Dr Tim Ringrose, previously a kidney specialist at Oxford University Hospital.

The healthinote story

Our healthinote service for information prescriptions was inspired by our discussions with patients and clinicians. At the early stages of the company when we were building and testing immersive experiences about health we realised that there was a need for a system for patients and the public to receive recommended health information from a health professional. We used a rapid product design process to build and test a basic prototype with users then set out a product development plan to build our version 1 product. (we adapted a process outlined by Jake Knapp in his book “Sprint” it’s a great way to do rapid prototyping).

We learned a lot when we tested our first version with a range of people from different backgrounds and ages (some with long term conditions). We had positive comments:

“It’s a really good idea, having tailored information just for you. I’d use it if I was considering a new treatment – especially one where there’s a lot to think about.” “I like that it tells you to talk to an HCP. That’s important and it makes me trust it more.”

“It’s professional but it’s also fun because of how it’s presented.”

But we also learned a lot from some of the comments:

“I think it’s a bit too abstract…make it more relatable”

“The video is way too long and repetitive. I find it a bit confusing”

“It’s way too slow.”

“It’s not obvious that you can click on that”

We’ve updated and amended the apps based on user testing and feedback and also added new features suggested by users – both healthcare professionals and patients – and we continue to do that.

You can see the look of the app has changed quite a lot since our first prototype:



If you would like to help us with user testing please get in touch! hello@cognitant.com

Meet The Team

Dr Tim Ringrose

Dr Tim Ringrose

  • Chief Executive Officer and Founder
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Daisy Allington

Daisy Allington

  • Chief Operating Officer and Founder
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Dr Juhi Tandon

Dr Juhi Tandon

  • Clinical Director and Founder
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Rick Knowles

Rick Knowles

  • Chief Technology Officer and Founder
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