Our Mission

'Helping people to understand & take control of their health'

The global problem

The world’s population is growing and we are living longer. As a result, the chance of suffering from long term illness is greater than ever. Healthcare services around the world are struggling to meet the needs and demands of the 21st Century.
The Global Healthcare Picture

The global healthcare picture

Services under pressure.

Addressing the problem

Addressing the problem

Cognitant is changing how people interact with healthcare services.

We need the tools to manage our own health in order to avoid unnecessary complications and reduce the impact of ill health. To do that we need to be better informed about our health, diseases and treatment. Everyone has access to an overwhelming volume of information online, but how do we know what information to trust?

“Communication of accurate information to the public is essential to minimise and tackle the impact of chronic disease through empowering people affected, enabling them to have a greater role in decisions about their care and assisting them with self-management of their condition”

World Health Organisation
What we do

What we do

Cognitant enables people to understand their health and treatment in two ways:

1. Health information in 3D

2. Healthinote: trusted information recommended by your doctor

View our case studies and testimonials to see example programmes.

Health information in 3D

Health information in 3D

Cognitant produces visual and interactive health information in 3D for patients to view on their own smartphones, tablets, computers or using virtual reality headsets (at home or in the clinic). These 3D experiences answer questions such as “what causes my condition?”, “how does this medicine work?” and “how can I avoid complications?” and are easy for people of all ages and backgrounds to understand. The ability to transport people into a virtual world means that complex information can be visualised and explained clearly and effectively.

We work with patients, doctors and healthcare professionals to develop information and experiences that enable them to make the most of each consultation and for patients to make informed decisions about their own health.


Trusted information recommended by your doctor

Healthinote is a platform that enables doctors and other healthcare professionals to prescribe information to patients simply and quickly. Whether it’s a face to face or virtual consultation, clinicians can provide relevant health information at the point of care to help patients to take more control of their health. Patients know that the information is credible and personalised to them.

Healthinote is a free service for doctors and patients and is funded by partners including patient groups, health insurers and health industry. Launching in the UK in June 2019, Healthinote provides:

  • 1,000 Health A-Z topics
  • Additional content from partners
  • An increasing number of 3D experiences across a range of chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and diabetes.

The combination of our 3D content and Healthinote provides a very powerful service for improving knowledge and understanding about health. Empowering people to take control of their health.

Healthinote App
Value for all

Value for all

Case studies & testimonials

Case studies & testimonials

Meet the team

Meet the team

Our team have considerable experience in digital communities and delivering marketing and education programmes in healthcare.

Dr Tim Ringrose


A Nephrologist and Intensive Care Specialist, Tim practiced in Oxford for 10 years before joining the team that built, the UK’s leading online doctor community, in 1999. Following the acquisition of by the M3 Group in 2011, Tim was appointed CEO of M3’s services in Europe until 2018 when he left to set up Cognitant Group. He is a mentor for the NHS clinical entrepreneur programme and serves as a non-executive director for 2 health technology companies.

Rick Knowles


Rick trained as an electrical engineer in 1997 at the university of NSW, Sydney before switching to specialise in software development and technical architecture. He has been involved in the founding of numerous software start-ups and was the Chief Technology Officer of M3(EU) for 6 years. He is now CTO of Cognitant Group, leading the development of Cognitant’s proprietary platforms and immersive experiences for patients and healthcare professionals.

Daisy Allington


Daisy qualified in Languages for Business (BA hons) and started out her career as a marketer for a major NGO. She joined in 2008 and led the client services and operations divisions after the acquisition by M3 Inc in 2011. Daisy is now Chief Operating Officer of Cognitant Group, leading the operations and commercial activities for the group.

Juhi Tandon

Clinical Director

Juhi qualified from UCL in 2005 and is a practising GP in Buckinghamshire. Juhi specialises in women’s health and dermatology, and is passionate about helping patients to take control of their health. Juhi is part-time at Cognitant Group leading the clinical team, working to identify and tackle unmet needs for patients across primary and secondary care.

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