Join founder and CEO, Dr Tim Ringrose, at HETT 21 to hear why he thinks that information is the most powerful prescription a clinician can make.

Register to attend | HETT Show – 28-29 Sept 2021

Some quotes from Tim’s upcoming talk can be found below:

“Health is one of those things we fail to appreciate until we have lost it. The Covid pandemic has dramatically reminded us that our health is our most precious asset – without our wealth, our jobs, our lives become meaningless.”

“As we live longer lives, more and more of us will “suffer” from one or more long term conditions.”

“There are more than 15 million people with at least one long term condition in the UK. 70% of healthcare costs are spent on the management of long-term conditions. We need to move to a new model of care that provides care for people with multiple conditions and needs – a personalised approach.”

“To enable all of us to be engaged and informed patients and carers we need trustworthy information about our health and treatment. It’s a fundamental requirement.”

“We have a problem with misinformation and this has been brought into sharp focus in the last 2 years with the spread of rumours and dangerous mis-truths about the Covid virus, vaccines and medical treatment that have spread quickly around the world. One of the most dangerous things we have to deal with in the modern world is misinformation.”

To hear the full talk, join us on 28th September at HETT 21.


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