• Cognitant Group partners with the NHS and a number of global pharmaceutical companies to develop a range of immersive content to help patients better understand their conditions and treatment options
  • Includes verified COVID-19 guidance to help people cut through information from unofficial sources

Cognitant Group, leaders in immersive healthcare technology, has announced today a number of key partners ahead of its launch of Healthinote.

Launching Spring 2020, Healthinote is a free smartphone app for patients to access a wide range of credible, usable and verified healthcare information. Using immersive technology such as virtual and augmented reality, it aims to help patients better understand their conditions and treatment options. Key content will notably include reliable, verified information on the on-going Coronavirus pandemic as the app aims to tackle misinformation across healthcare.

In partnership with the NHS, the Healthinote app will feature more than 1,100 health A-Z articles from the website, plus content developed in partnership with pharma, charitable organisations and leading universities. Partners include Bayer, Pfizer, UCB, NHS England, NHS Improvement, The Health Foundation and multiple CCGs and AHSNs.

As well as text information from the NHS, the platform will feature immersive 3D and virtual reality (VR) content to help patients visually understand their symptoms, health conditions, and treatments. All content can be prescribed to patients by their healthcare professional at the point of care, giving patients confidence that the information is trusted and relevant to them.

The app also includes several useful features for patients including a search function, a favourite page for users to save personalised health content, and the ability to share health information with other users.

Dr Tim Ringrose, CEO of Cognitant Group, commented, “It’s very exciting to launch Healthinote and improve the way patients receive important healthcare information. Immersive and interactive visual content drives a better understanding of health, disease, and treatment. Thanks to our key partners, the content and programmes offered on the platform will use our cutting-edge technology and help users take control of their health.”

Cognitant Group aims to tackle a global, multi-billion dollar healthcare problem: misinformation around health and treatment.


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