Oxford-based healthtech company Cognitant Group is poised for further growth and expansion in 2020 following a successful first year of operations.

Cognitant Group provides immersive health information to patients via their smartphones, tablets or VR headsets in a bid to improve health literacy and tackle misinformation by making healthcare information more accessible.

The company, founded by medical and technology professionals, has signed deals with numerous global pharmaceutical companies and has expanded to cover areas including women’s health, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and cardiovascular disease, whilst simultaneously developing partnerships with Oxford University Hospital, Cambridge University Hospital, The Royal Brompton, Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), Manchester Health Clinical Commissioning, and many other institutions across the UK.

Cognitant Group also won the Technology Excellence Award at the 2019 Oxford Business Awards (OXBA), for Healthinote: a platform that enables doctors and healthcare professionals to prescribe information to patients simply and quickly, either face to face or via virtual consultation.

2019 also saw significant development in Cognitant Group’s immersive content across all areas of health, with plans to expand in 2020 with projects planned for Germany, Italy, Spain, France and South America.

Cognitant is set to develop key clinical therapy areas in 2020, including heart failure, cancer, kidney disease, intensive care, sickle cell disease, diabetes and COPD.

Cognitant Group’s founder and CEO Dr Tim Ringrose said, “2019 has been a fantastic year for Cognitant Group and we have enormous support from patients, healthcare professionals and industry. As we look forward to 2020, we already have projects planned across Europe and even into South America as we continue on our mission to improve revolutionise healthcare information.”


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