Healthinote: enabling health information prescriptions

To improve people’s access to clinically-led health information, we developed Healthinote – the go-to source for trusted health information

Integrated with eConsult’s patient messaging tool, Healthinote can be accessed by over 3,000 GP practices, to serve over 29 million patients in the UK



Health information recommended by your healthcare professional

Healthinote is a platform for doctors, nurses and pharmacists to share trusted health information with their patients

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Trusted Healthinote content partners

Healthinote - streamlining processes and benefiting patients

Personalisation of content, relevant to the individual and accessible whenever they need it

Optimisation of consultations by sending recommended, trusted information that can be viewed outside of consultation time

Better patient understanding and management

Prevention – save time, money and resources with more engaged and aware patients

For patients

Healthinote provides you with clear, reliable health information about your condition or treatment recommended to you by your doctor, nurse or pharmacist

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For healthcare professionals

Healthinote is the go-to source for trusted health information. Already used by over 3,000 GP practices in the UK, Healthinote enables doctors, nurses and pharmacists to find reliable health information and send it to their patients.

To register as a healthcare provider on Healthinote Pro, contact us via


Such a brilliant innovation that has helped GPs offer extremely high quality information prior to the appointment. Extremely easy to send by text. This has assisted us with limiting face to face time with patients, hence safer all round during the current pandemic.


There is a huge unmet need in patient education for long term conditions. The idea of prescribing the right education for the right patent using modern, immersive and engaging techniques is a simple idea done well by Cognitant.

Professor and Head of Innovation, NHS Teaching Hospital

This is an unique and innovative way to engage the persons living with diabetes to better understand their condition and therefore give them control of their health and their treatment.

Dr N Kanumilli, Clinical Network Lead for Diabetes, Greater Manchester and East Cheshire SCN

Frequently asked questions

We are careful to only use sources of health information that are known to be clinically led, trusted and reliable. With the support of our advisory board, our Clinical Director makes decisions about which resources should be included for the library. Our content sources currently include:

  • the NHS Health A to Z and medication library
  • charity partners, including Macmillan, Cancer Research UK, Asthma UK, British Pregnancy Advisory Service, Royal National Institute of Blind People and many more
  • HCI’s library of Health and Care videos, which has been commissioned by NHSX
  • Cognitant Group’s visual and interactive content, with all content created by medical writers followed by a stringent clinical review process

The source of all content that appears in Healthinote is clearly shown.

If you are a clinician with access to eConsult, sending an information prescription is easy.

When you are in the post consult messaging service (PCM) you have access to the Healthinote search bar. Use the search bar to search for any health information.

For example, if you search ‘contraception’, it will bring up all contraception health information from a variety of trusted sources. You can click to ‘preview’ the content and then press ‘insert’ to insert the link into the body of your message. Any links you insert will be sent to the patient who can then access the information via the Healthinote app for free.

This video may help summarise the above (this link will direct you to YouTube).

If you are not an eConsult user, you can still create health information prescriptions using Healthinote Pro. The process is exactly the same except that you can simply copy your patient message to send it via your preferred messaging channel.

To get an access code for Healthinote Pro, contact


If you are a patient, you will receive an email from your clinician, which will include links to the content selected by them. On receiving these links, you can simply click on them to access the information. If you wish to save your health information to return to it at any time, you will need to create an account on Healthinote through registration.

We do not require you to provide any personal information and only track anonymised data. The Heaalthinote website and app have security options so that sensitive content can be secured and accessed only with a password, fingerprint or face ID.

Our sources of content are carefully vetted by Cognitant’s Clinical Director, with support from our clinical advisory board.

In most cases, we provide redirect links to the content on the partner websites, so that information remains up to date. In the case of the NHS, we have a licensing agreement to reproduce the content in the app. We have a feed for the content from the NHS so that content is updated automatically with updates made to the NHS website.

Content developed by Cognitant Group is reviewed regularly (as a minimum annually) and updated to ensure it is compliant with the latest guidelines and reflects best practice.

Yes. We can provide you with information to help you give patients instructions as to how to access Healthinote. Please contact Cognitant’s marketing director, Alex Merckx ( for this support.

Our standard Healthinote service is available for free to both healthcare professionals and patients using NHS services.

Charges are applied for:

  • commissioned content: eg an organisation may wish to commission specific content to address a particular care pathway or service
  • additional services: eg detailed reporting or an interface to upload locally developed content

Content may be funded or commissioned by industry partners such as Pharma but, in this case, the sponsorship is clearly labelled and content must follow strict compliance rules as well as our stringent review process that we have built with our advisory group. Information about a specific product, for example an inhaler, is only available for patients who have been prescribed that particular product.

Yes, user testing is conducted on an ongoing basis with patients and healthcare professionals. For more information about input received from user testing, please contact Cognitant’s Marketing Director, Alex Merckx (