Healthcare professionals and patients

Healthinote facilitates the sharing of personalised, reliable health information directly from healthcare professionals to patients. Integrated with eConsult’s patient messaging tool, Healthinote can reach over 3,000 GP practices to service over 29 million people in the UK

Personalisation of content – relevant to the individual. Accessible whenever they need it

Optimisation of consultations by sending recommended, trusted information that can be viewed outside of consultation time

Better patient understanding and management

Prevention – save time, money and resources with more engaged and aware patients

I’m a patient

Healthinote provides you with clear, reliable health information about your condition or treatment recommended to you by your doctor, nurse or pharmacist

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I’m a healthcare professional

Healthinote enables you to find reliable health information and send it to your patients

eConsult users can seamlessly share health information as part of the patient message and save it to the patient records

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Health information recommended by your healthcare professional

Healthinote is a platform for doctors, nurses and pharmacists to share trusted health information with their patients.

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I found it all so informative and simple to understand. The navigation section is simple to use and allows you to skip to the sections that are relevant to you. It is explained clearly and concisely, and the avatar makes it a lot more user friendly.

Patient (Your contraception, your choice)

I’ve never experienced anything quite like this. It all felt a bit new. I am not very tech minded but my daughter helped. I like having written information but watching it on her phone made it all feel a bit easier to get to grips with

Patient (Chronic kidney disease immersive programme)

The 3D avatar is the most complete, you stay immersed and it makes you concentrate

Patient (Diabetes avatar-led programme)

Such a brilliant innovation that has helped GPs offer extremely high quality information prior to the appointment. Extremely easy to send by text. This has assisted us with limiting face to face time with patients, hence safer all round during the current pandemic.


This is an unique and innovative way to engage the persons living with diabetes to better understand their condition and therefore give them control of their health and their treatment

Dr.N.Kanumilli, Clinical Network Lead for Diabetes, Greater Manchester & E.Cheshire SCN